Boomer Profile: Dale Metz


Dale Metz, a longtime resident of Jamestown, was born in Northern Pennsylvania and grew up in Pennsylvania, California, and New York. He served four years in the US Air Force in the Vietnam era and studied Special Education,… Read More

Boomer Profile – April Harris


April Harris believes in her hometown Nineteen sixty-four, according to demographers, was the last year of the baby boom. April Harris was born that year. She describes a “very boomer” childhood in Greensboro’s Starmount Forest neighborhood in walking… Read More

Boomer Profile: Bruce Piephoff is a Greensboro voice


For troubadour Bruce Piephoff, the music doesn’t stop. It’s impossible to overestimate the contributions of Boomers to our musical heritage: Bob Dylan, the Beach Boys, Motown, the British Invasion, to name just a few. For singer-songwriter and Greensboro… Read More

Rabbi Fred Guttman nudges Boomers on to the Promised Land


A self-described “nudnik for justice,” 61-year-old Rabbi Fred Guttman has shared his opinions face to face with world and national leaders, including Desmond Tutu, Elizabeth Dole, Eric Cantor, Mike Huckabee and Barack Obama. And each meeting is documented… Read More

Boomer Profile: Sallie White is still pursuing her passions

Sallie White1

In 1956, the United States launched a Jupiter-C rocket as a prequel to the Space Race. Meanwhile, in Wiesbaden, Germany, Sallie White was born at a US Air Force Base, where her father was stationed. So began her… Read More

Boomer Profile—Keith Holliday: a one-man civics lesson


Fewer and fewer Americans today can say they were born, received their education and had their career all within the same ten mile radius. This has not always been the case. It’s probably a little more typical among… Read More

Boomer Profile—Tara Sandercock helps engineer the community’s foundation.


“Look! The house next door is for sale!” said Tara McKenzie Sandercock as her parents were visiting Greensboro from upstate New York. Not long after that, the senior McKenzies were neighbors. Having Mom and Dad next door is… Read More

Boomer Profile—Dorris Johnson’s son makes good at newspaper

Allen Johnson headshot

As editorial page editor at Guilford County’s largest newspaper, 55-year-old Allen Johnson has a significant amount of access and influence in the community. Sometimes his mom has more. While covering a heated community meeting held in a local… Read More

Boomer Profile—Sustainable agriculture and lifestyle for Steve Tate


As Steve Tate carefully chops a long renewable row of “Cut-and-Come-Again” lettuce for the evening’s 65-person dinner at Goat Lady Dairy, he tells a story of sustainability that defines his family, his livelihood and his generation. Tate, 60,… Read More

A Boomer’s Boomer: Allen Broach, Vietnam vet, social activitist, active businessman

Allen Broach

At 62, Allen Broach is showing few signs of slowing down. That’s because Broach & Company, the advertising agency he founded in downtown Greensboro in 1983, won’t let him. Neither, it seems, will anything else. In the midst… Read More